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About Annie Barr MBE

Annie left school  at 16 years with one GCSE. She decided to pursue a career in nursing and  then went to university aged 30!  She now has 3 degrees!  Now with over 40 years experience in  the health service (NHS) and starting her own business, through personal experience of  friends, relatives and her own mum dying in 2018 from a B12 deficiency, Annie started to research and look at alternative ways of  taking/delivering vitamins.

It became clear that there was a long history of Pernicious Anaemia throughout the family. Motivated by this, the idea of transdermal vitamin patches was born. Within a few weeks of having the idea through many business contacts Annie commissioned and developed the patch and had the first pack in her hand within 4 weeks.  The patches were a great success with family and friends who felt an immediate improvement.

Alongside the Vitamin patches Annie has developed training courses to educate others in Vitamin deficiencies. These can be found on and below on eventbrite.

In  June 2018 Annie was awarded the MBE for her services to international healthcare by the Queen at Buckingham Palace. This was and is a great honour.

Annie is the  author of the Royal College of General Practitioner, Advanced Nurse Practitioner Competencies which were published nationally. Annie was the RCGP board member for nursing in the North East and was the RCGP representative on the 5 year forward view for General Practice in 2018.

In Nov 2021 Annie  won an award for Most Inspiring Female Business Leader Global by the Chamber of Commerce. This is humbling and we are so proud of her sheer tenacity, courage and achievements.

Annie is passionate about health and wellness and works with colleagues throughout the UK in making a difference to client care.

In 2017, Annie was funded by Goldman Sachs to undertake their small business programme and graduated at Oxford University.

Regain Your Energy & Greet Every Single Day

All of our patches are suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians, and they are Soya Free and  Gluten Free.  They are not made with any animal products. Our hypoallergic transdermal patches deliver active ingredients directly into your bloodstream, via the skin, bypassing your stomach.  This means that  the problem with absorption in the stomach is overcome.  They are delivered quicker and are slow release giving a steady amount. With each pack, you receive 16 patches- giving 8 weeks- 4 months supply depending on the patch.

Our body can work efficiently only when the daily nutrition needs are fulfilled that includes both  vitamins and minerals. The daily need of vitamins can be met through diet and food,  however with ever increasing  busy schedules and lifestyles, the body can be deprived of the essential vitamins and minerals such as B12, Vitamin D, C, K2, Zinc and Magnesium. In order to help we developed the unique system of having all these ingredients in our vitamin supplement patches.

Since the absorption of nutrients are inter dependent, so it is important to give proper nourishment to your body, so that you can live to the fullest. To make life easier, we have come up with the concept of the vitamin patches that will aid this process.




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